Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welcome Comment 1

This blog has been fortunate today to welcome the first comment - from non other than the genie SILAS GYAU. We will be sending him an authorship invite soon.

This is an open invitation to all to freely comment your heart out. this blog is yours. You want to be an author, send me an email. You know how-to by now.



gina said...

hi victor,
interesting topic! i do agree with all the reasons you have put up as regards to why, i too, hate meetings. infact, it would be a great project if you(i can give a hand of-course) can develop a handbook and recommend that managers and all top management alike, meeting planners in general, read it so that they do not bore us to the bone with thier unthought agendas. i pledge my support.

Victor Paa Kwesi Mensah said...

Thank you Gina for your comments.

It is a very good idea to start working on a manual for this, and to encourage all meeting planners and facilitators/moderators to stop boring participants at meetings. I will definitely love to work with you on this. Any ideas how you will want us to do this?