Sunday, March 2, 2008

more of me

For the past few weeks i have been on a roller-coaster ride to discovering the Internet and indeed all that it holds. I know it may take a while to become a genie like Silas Gyau, my friend at SoB, UCC, but i am well on course. As i stated earlier, the new sensation on the www is wikis. Using wikieducator, i hope to fulfill my dream of being a better instructor and student in the same light. While i invite you all to join me on wiki educator, you can check my personal user page at

Do well to leave me a message in my "discussion" tab or send me your comments here.



Silas Gyau said...

Oh, don't worry Victor. You'll soon get there. In fact you're almost there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, u are the first commentor on this blog. Remind me to give you a gift later.



Anonymous said...

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