Monday, September 20, 2010


I carry you in my spirit everywhere;
I am possessed by your radiance all the time;
I pray for you more than i pray for myself;
and if you are a away for more than an hour, i cant stop thinking about you.

and your smile .... Good radiance!!
when you smile, my world is so lit up!
your beauty makes the world bright;
and i am proud the brightness radiates from our small corner - our world.

Our world - the pleasures of being with you;
How did i come this far without you?
That, i cannot imagine, but an image i now have - oblivion;
But now,i get to wake up by you.

Night after night, every morning;
After an evening of passion under the tree,
acts of discoveries all through the night moaning ...
dreaming of a romantic morning picnic on the dew filled lawns;
awaken! a pure nectar drop on the lips - sweet morning dew.

Mensah, VPK
Lusaka, Zambia
20 Sept. 2010 | 04:29 AM


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